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Philadelphia Leadership & Church Growth Initiative 

The Philadelphia Council of Clergy (PCC) has partnered with The Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, to implement their program in churches across the Philadelphia region.  This international program provides tools for bible study that facilitate discipleship, a 'Certificate of Ministry" program, and an accredited degree program offering Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees!  This unique model provides a theologically sound educational experience that is intertwined with the life of your Church, as students have a combination of coursework and ministry requirements.  Their work is graded by Antioch, but their ministry is overseen by their home pastor or another mentor designated by their home church.   

Instead of sending your best and brightest to bible college or seminary, train them up with the Antioch education in the context of your church!

  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Provide high quality tools for your existing leaders and develop emerging leaders

  • GROW DISCIPLES OF CHRIST : As your leaders grow, they turn around and disciple others ... and the cycle continues

  • OUTREACH & IMPACT: Use Antioch tools to consider how to increase the impact of your church in the community, and empower all your congregants to live as disciples of Christ in the midst of their contexts - work, family, friends, neighborhood.   

Please view the slide show below for a basic overview, and contact us to learn more!  

And Contact us to learn more!

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