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The Community Healing Campaign is the Home of the HEALING POSTERS that include positive messages like NOT MY CHILD ... NOT MY BLOCK ... COVERED IN PRAYER ... LET THE HEALING BEGIN.

2020 saw an uptick in crime, anxiety, domestic abuse, and homelessness. People are seeking help, and the Church has a unique opportunity to respond, even in this restricted contact environment. The HEALING POSTERS CAMPAIGN is a safe way to reach out to neighbors, safely. Christians simply go house to house and offer a window poster and prayer. If an offer is rejected, it's rejected. But wonderful opportunities to connect also occur. "I started on my own block, and immediately one of my neighbors put the poster in her window. The Community Healing Campaign is a wonderful way to get to know some of your own neighbors" ~ Ernie Bristow.

This Saturday, February 27, channel 6 news will record neighbors of one block removing the old signs they've had since Sept 2019, and we are on target to deliver 2,500 more during a first round of the 2021 campaign.


1. Contact Archbishop Mary Floyd Palmer to reserve your free posters.

2. Set a date for volunteers from your church to pick up posters to distribute.

3. You may have your volunteers canvas their own block, or canvas blocks around your church. Either way, the goal is to give people these posters for free, and offer prayer. Volunteers may also want to carry contact information about your church so that neighbors know that YOU are there for them!

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