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Support Group



Our growing list of practical provisions is for you to use when or if you need them, such as:

  • Non Denominational Ordination - we are a credentialing organization

  • A group Health Care Plan

  • Evangelism Training

  • Technology Advisory

  • Website & Social Media Consulting

  • Financial Advisory 


Pastors have a unique position that sometimes may leave us without peers to confide in or trust for secure counsel.  The leadership of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy is committed to providing trusted council, as well as opportunities for peer engagement in prayer, fellowship, and collaborative work in our communities and across the city.


As a member, you will be offered opportunities for yourself, your leaders, and your congregation.  We are starting affinity groups for leaders of various ministry types.  These groups gather likeminded leaders together from across the city to build their own peer relationships, pray over their shared target group, and collaborate between churches in shared neighborhoods. You'll also have opportunities to involve your congregations in city-wide events - giving them a sense of the something-bigger to which we all belong. And of course, there will be opportunities for YOU to RECEIVE  instead of always having to give and lead.  


With pooled resources, we will be promoting both the collaborative works of our neighborhood churches, and our Niche Ministry Leader Groups. Your church will have greater visibility through the PCC website and another website that will be launching in 2021, dedicated to helping people find non profits and churches in Philadelphia who have the ministries they need or ministries with which to volunteer. 

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The Holy Spirit has been giving pastors across Philadelphia the same realization: that unity on our relationship with Christ is more important than differences of denomination, race, or politics.  And, as a ONE church of Philadelphia, relationships are essential both for our personal well being, and for the growth of the entire body of Christ. Some pastors have 'felt' the concept but don't know how to move forward with it. Others are already hosting pastoral gatherings in their neighborhoods.    

PCC will come along side of those leaders who want to reach out to neighboring churches and help you do so.  And, we'll help promote those who are already gathering - whether your group of pastoral leaders is for relationship building, neighborhood collaboration, or to rally for a cause. 

  • Membership is open to all Christian clergy (Pastors, Ministers, Bishops, Priests, etc) and Directors of Christian Non Profits.   We are here to shepherd a specific flock, and help YOU to be the best YOU, with the tools you need to shepherd others.  

  • There are no minimum participation requirements, however, we encourage you to at least participate in peer groups for your own growth.  

  • All members will have access to: ​

    • Peer Group events (on ZOOM til further notice), round tables, and panels

    • A group Health Care Plan

    • Non Denominational Ordination (we are a credentialing organization) 

  • We also provide services for you and your Team members (associate pastors, ministry leaders, office staff etc) 

    • Ministry Leader "round tables" based on ministry type (children's, teen, homeless, worship, etc)

    • Evangelism Training 

    • Leadership Training 

    • Technology consulting  

    • Website & Social Media packages

    • Marketing strategy consulting

    • Financial consulting 

    • Grant Writing Assistance

    • Invitations to a plethora of events & opportunities

  • Membership Is only $100 per year

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