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About Us

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Philadelphia Council of Clergy was founded in 1984 by Archbishop Anthony Floyd, Sr., and became the largest African American clergy organization in Philadelphia with over 1,000 members at one point.  The organization acted as a liaison and voice of the community to public officials and the judicial and corporate systems.  He was best known for his annual Martin Luther King Jr day service, where he honored many in the community, whose great work would have otherwise gone unrecognized.  He ordained hundreds of clergy from ministers to bishops, and was one of the first to ordain women in Philadelphia.  He was a champion for equality and the gospel for ALL people. He served faithfully and diligently supported his members for 25 years until his retirement of January 2019.  

On March 16, 2019 the leadership mantle was passed to the Archbishop Mary Floyd Palmer, the first African American female Archbishop in the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. A grand celebration service was held at the historic Bright Hope Baptist Church, Rev. Dr Darron McKinney, Host Pastor.  Hundreds attended this historic service which was the first succession from a male prelate to a female prelate in Pennsylvania in over 40 years.  


Archbishop Mary has the gift of evangelism, and the same passion of her late father Rev Melvin Floyd who was best known for his extensive work with youth and gangs. She developed the Evangelism Master Class to give people the tools they need to share the good news of the gospel when any opportunity presents itself, in the workplace, in neighborhoods, and anywhere one finds ones self.  She has lead over 3,000 people to Jesus Christ since 2010.  


Her vision for PCC is to become racially diverse, and update the structure in such a way to meet the needs of modern Clergy and leaders of Christian organizations.   Her heart is to see Christ's people serve Him together, united in His love, regardless of racial, economic, or denominational differences, and for PCC to be a facilitator of discussion and collaboration, helping The Church stand together as one unified body, sharing God’s amazing love with the Philadelphia region.

In May 2019, Rev Dr. Michel Faulkner, joined the PCC team as Executive Director.  He has a background in business and university-level education.  He has served as a pastor for over 30 years, which included planting and growing a church in Harlem, and taking over a pulpit of notoriety in Manhattan.  He has run businesses and even run for Mayor.  But now - his passion is for those who walk in the shoes he has already worn, and to be a shepherd of shepherds.  

In April 2024, Dr Faulkner retired from Victory Church to assume a full time role at PCC as Executive Director, CEO, as it was agreed that 'Part Time' leadership was insufficient to adequately execute the PCC goals.  

As a collective, the Council maintains good standing with our local government officials and acts as a voice representing Christ "at City Hall" and with civic organizations as needed.  After decades of hosting inter-denominational discussions for Philadelphia's Christian leadership, PCC now believes that God is releasing a spirit of collaboration in Philadelphia, that will take us from conversations to action.   PCC is establishing an expanded infrastructure focused on meeting the specific and unique needs of clergy, evangelism training, coordinated prayer, ministry collaboration, and leadership development.

Presiding Prelate
Executive Director, CEO
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Director of Communications
& Secretary to the Board
Rev Ed Crenshaw

Rev. Dr. Ed Crenshaw

Credentialing and Licensure

Rev Dayo Brown

Rev. Dr. Dayo Brown 



Bishop Beverly Clayburn

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