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Social Media Accounts and Management

Oh the pros and cons of social media! It can be an incredible tool, or a rabbit hole of wasted time. We can help our members to get set up on the social media platforms, understand best practices, and even help you manage your media. It just depends on your particular needs and goals.

  1. Setting up your platforms: We can help you set up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn. This includes establishing accounts, finding initial connections, and planning the design of your pages.

  2. Coaching: for you and your team, how to get a vibrant social media feed up and running, grow your audience, and keep it going without making it into a full time job

  3. Stock Posts: As a member of PCC, you can receive our monthly, Christ focused, encouraging, 'stock posts'. Choose whichever ones you like to post along with your own, to keep a daily feed going out to your followers.

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