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Website Design & Management Instruction

Websites are essential for any business or organization. In our culture (with or without covid restrictions) people depend on websites to learn about a church, stay up to date, and even to feel connected. Many people will read through a website to become 'comfortable' with a church before becoming willing to visit it. Many people could walk by your church regularly but not ever walk in without first 'checking out the website'.

With Covid-19 restrictions, websites have become an incredible platform where people who have never even attended your church, can become part of your congregation. People are hearing the gospel in a way we never thought possible - from the comfort of a sermon streamed into their own living rooms. You don't need to be a "TV preacher" to reach an extended audience anymore. And, most importantly, people who are intimidated to come to a new church, or who have 'church hurt' or are wary of Christianity, may view services on line in a moment of depression or questioning or searching. People who might not have ever stepped foot into a church building, are discovering the love of Jesus, and a church home through online tools.

Philadelphia Council of Clergy realizes that website design is hard to learn and EXPENSIVE to pay for. We are making design services available to our members at a fraction of a typical cost.

Agencies and Freelancers typically charge a minimum of $2,000 for a very basic website. More complex websites can cost $25,000 or more..

But our members can have a high quality site for just $800-$1500.

After the site is up and running, our communications director will coach someone on your team about how to maintain the site. This includes updating calendars, pictures, blogs and more. If you do not have a person who can handle the ongoing site updates, we can manage your site for minimal 'per-task' fee.

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