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The Philadelphia
Church Survey

Why Fill Out the Survey? 

Have Your Ministries Found On Our New Website!

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Do you have a youth group? A prison ministry? A Women's Ministry?  

People NEED the ministries you offer.  And people need the Love of Jesus that those ministries lead to.  BUT YOUR CHURCH MINISTRIES CAN'T BE FOUND BY A GOOGLE SEARCH!  A family seeking a church with a youth group, a struggling man looking for a Men's ministry, a young couple looking for a marriage ministry ...

We are launching a website where people can find what they need or what they want to volunteer with.  GROW YOUR IMPACT by being found!

We want EVERY ministry of EVERY CHURCH to be listed on our site.  

And, they'll all be 'searchable' by both neighborhood and by type.  

We want to promote EVERY youth group, every prison ministry, every homeless outreach, every Men's ministry, every Career Closet ...

Empower Your Ministry Leaders

Networking Event

You may be doing a great job developing leaders (both volunteer and staff) but there is something special that happens when leaders of the same kind of ministry meet together, as opposed to leaders of lots of kinds of ministries.  

When leaders who are passionate about the same 'target group' (such as teens, or homeless, or veterans, or incarcerated...) get together, they can support each other, learn from one another,  talk specifically about issues their target group is facing, PRAY specifically for their target group, and even collaborate on things they can do together that they cannot do alone!

We will use the results of this survey to invite leaders of 'like ministries' to think tanks, or COHORTS where they can do all these things.  It does not replace YOUR leadership in their lives, rather, it assists you in their grown and in expanding their ministry under your covering.

Teen Ministers' Cohort 


We launched our first cohort of Teen Ministry (Youth group) leaders in 2019.  It took hiatus in 2020 and is re-launching August 2021.  

Have the leader of your teen ministry contact  

for details!

A New Way For People To Find Your Church

After Church

Sure, people can search 'googlemaps' for churches in their neighborhood, but THEN what?  Or they can search "Presbyterian Church" or "Assemblies of God", but again - it is a laborious process to find a church.  

We will have a "Find a Church" function that will pull up churches by neighborhood or denomination.  Your FREE listing will include your denomination, the neighborhood in which you're located, a list of your ministries, a website link,  and your address!  

People are SEARCHING for meaning and answers - BE FOUND a little easier on our site!

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