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REACH Your Audience

GROW Your Audience

If your church did not have a digital strategy before the Covid 19 stay-at-home order, you may have suddenly realized a need for one.  But, an effective digital presence is not just about streaming a Sunday sermon.  Done well, a digital strategy can help you reach people of ALL ages, and almost every walk of life.  

  • Millennials and GenZ are wired.  The sooner we realize that, the better we can tap in with them.

  • Education, Meetings, and Group Experiences are all happening online.  

  • The elderly are discovering how to connect with family and friends through their devices.  

  • Shut-ins and hospitalized are no longer restricted to simply watching what's on TV.


YOUR CHURCH CAN BECOME PART OF PEOPLE'S INDIVIDUAL & GROUP EXPERIENCES a strategic digital footprint can provide a way for you to:

  • participate in the day-to-day spiritual growth of your congregants 

  • reach new audiences of all ages

  • share the gospel with people who do not yet know Jesus!


Website Services

Website Creation

Is our church using Facebook or another social media platform instead of launching its own website? Websites are essential in establishing 'validity', and extremely useful for communication.  

Website Redesign

Does your church have a domain, but your website's style is outdated?  Let's bring you into modernity with a new website that can be attached to your current domain. 


You may think it's too expensive to have a website, but it doesn't have to be.  The expense of owning a basic website domain plus 1 email with that domain name is about $300 per year.  Our charge for creating a website and teaching you how to maintain it, ranges from $800 to $3,000 depending on the extent of your needs.  This is about 1/3 the cost of most agencies or freelancers. And can includes setting up your online tithing tools!


Social Media & Communication Tools 

Social Media Platform Set-up  ... $75

In today's culture, your social media can be as important as your website.  Our Communications Director can set up your platforms (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter) and a free calendar tool that makes scheduling posts across your platforms easy.   

Social Media Stock Posts  ... FREE with membership!

We provide our members with a set of pre-made, Christ-centered, relevant posts each month that you can use as your own, or sprinkle in on the days when you don't have something of your own to post.  


Communicate with your congregation with a weekly or monthly newsletter.  We will create a newsletter template for you with the elements you want, that will make it EASY to communicate in a consistent way with your flock. 

Blogs, Podcasts, and YouTube

Our Communications Director can help members set up platforms and teach them how to use them.  Each platform has its own value to people both in and outside of your congregation.   

Online Services

Rev Dr. Ed Crenshaw of Victory Church, has discovered that what works best for online church, is different than just streaming a live service.  Members have FREE access to the tutorials provided by Rev Crenshaw and His tech team.  Custom assistance is only $25/hr

More Tech Tools

Online Tithes & Giving 

Even when churches are meeting in person, many people now give online instead of in an offering plate. View our simple recommendations guide to pick the tool thats right for you, and our video tutorials on how to set them up!   

Online Meeting Tools & Training

Covid has forced us to use online meeting tools at a whole new level.  And though this is temporary, it has established some "new normals" that will remain even when covid social restrictions are gone.   Zoom meetings are one of them.  Members have access to our Zoom tutorial videos and can get personalized assistance for only $25/hr to take your home groups online, host prayer meetings, staff meetings, interactive forums and more.  


Stock Photos of YOUR Church

Our communications director will come to your church to take a series of pictures to create a stock library of photos for your use on your website, social media and whatever you may need.  This includes headshots of your staff, photos of your building and grounds, and photos of a service or event. Membership rates are about half of standard professional photography packages.  

Event Photography & Videography

Do you need photography or videography services at an event?  Our partnerships include christian artists who will serve our members at discounted rates.  Contact us to be connected.  

Contact Carolyn Haslam to discuss your needs
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