We are a Non Denominational Organization 

Serving Greater Philadelphia's Clergy

and Christian Non Profit Leaders


The Leadership of PCC is here to serve YOU, as you serve your flock.  

If you are a pastor, priest, or the Director of a Christian non profit, you may feel alone - alone in your work, perhaps a solo voice in social justice fight, or alone without peer relationships with people who understand the struggles and joys specific to leading a ministry and the lonely proverbial pedestal that often comes with it.  The question often arises, 'Who will care for YOU as you are caring for your flock?  

The Philadelphia Council of Clergy was established as a non-denominal organization to provide a forum for pastors to pray together, to build peer relationships that support and empower one another, and even to collaborate in serving neighborhoods or a target groups,   No matter what denomination covers you, you are invited to join us.  

Our Gatherings will be on Zoom until further notice.  

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Your denomination provides certain things you need, but may not provide others.  And, if you are non-denominational you may be in need of even more.  As a licensed, accredited agency of ordination, we're here to fill the gap, or provide you with the covering you need.   We can even walk with you in the development of new leaders within your church, and their ordination if they seek it.  


The late Rev. Melvin Floyd founded the school of evangelism in 1993.  His daughter, Archbishop Mary Floyd Palmer, (the President of PCC), created an Evangelism Masterclass that has been taught to congregations across the United States that has seen thousands come to Christ!  The uniqueness of this training is that it equips Believers HOW to lead a soul to Christ IN 8 MINS OR LESS.  Utilizing their exclusive tool called 'The Survey', this one day, 4 hour training will revolutionize your outreach ministry and help you promote community healing.


We are now partnering with The Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development to provide low cost, Certificate of Ministry programs, and Batchelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in the area of Theology and Ministry.  

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In many ways, pastors and ministry leaders are like small business owners.  You may be on your own to get services you need, such as health insurance, accounting services, or media services.  PCC is growing our resources to provide you with things like these, if you need them.


We believe there are enough people who need saving to fill every church in this city.  YOUR church will be perfect for some, but your neighbor's church will be perfect for others.  So we want to assist you in executing and promoting collaborative ministries and events. For, we are better together than alone!


It is estimated that Philadelphia has between 2,500-3,000 churches.  Whether a church has 40 members or 2,000 regular attenders, every church body has purpose.  Often times, a small church faithfully serving a neighborhood can have a big impact as a staple of the community.   We have designed a survey of Churches and Christian Non Profits to find out where they are, and what they are doing.  What churches have a youth group ... a clothing distribution ... a homeless ministry... a ministry to seniors ... provide a location for an AA or NA meeting?  These are things that even a google search won't reveal.  Our goal for the survey is to both collect this kind of information to be published on a site that can be used by anyone to find ministries they need, or would like to volunteer with.  We also want to connect leaders of likeminded ministries to support one another and even "do things together that they cannot do alone"


There are a few major approaches to fulfilling the great commission.  One is straight-up evangelism, whether it's door to door or a team in a park, people go out and share the gospel with whomever will listen and engage.  

The 2nd is outreach events - events where a church invites friends, family, and the local community IN for something special -like a block party, a concert, a family fun night, or an Easter egg hunt.  Here, the church shows itself to be a contributor to the community, and can share the gospel in a non-threatening environment.  

The 3rd is Service.  Though this is perhaps the least utilized and least understood mode.  But we believe that service is a tremendous tool for sharing the love of Christ with our communities.  Whether a church conducts a park clean-up, provides a food distribution event,  makes 100 sandwiches and toiletries bags and hands them out to the homeless, or schedules a team to do renovations at a women's abuse shelter ... service provides an opportunity for Christians to grow, for the name of Jesus to be honored among those served, and for our non-christian friends and neighbors to join with us!  YES, Its true!  Many who will NOT come with us "to church" are eager to help with a service project ("even if its run by a church").  


We want to empower YOU and YOUR CHURCH

to serve your community and include your 'neighbors'

Our board member, Rev Ed Crenshaw, has long been developing a culture of service at Victory Church in Norristown.  Every year his church conducts over 50 service projects throughout their community (and a few in Philly).  Ed wrote a book "Invite Your Neighbor, Change The World" as a 6 week small group study to teach the WHY and the HOW of service projects for Churches.  


If you conduct this small group study, we'll provide FREE copies of the book.  
AND, if you schedule a service project for the DAY OF HOPE ON OCTOBER 23, 2021

  • you can receive $250 to go towards the execution of your project

  • you  can receive hundreds of FREE gospels of John and Christian books by authors like Mac Lucado in English & Spanish, for kids, teens and adults if its the kind of project where they would be relevant.

Watch An Info Zoom With Ed Crenshaw


The leadership of PCC count it an joy to give honor to those who have worked faithfully in the Kingdom, in ways from which we can all learn.  In 2020 we inaugurated our "Honor the Dreamers" Award in the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We look forward to making this an annual event. 

For, Philadelphia is rich with people worthy of honor.  

Martin Luther King Awards

2021 Martin Luther King "Honor the Dreamers" Awards

Virtual Gala from Sunday, January 17, 2021 



Rev. William Krispin 

Founder & Executive Director

Center of Urban Theological Studies


Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake


Independence Blue Cross Foundation


Dr. William R. Hite Jr.

Superintendent, The School District of Philadelphia


Sam Class

Franchise Owner,


Audubon, PA


Maria Quinones Sanchez

Philadelphia Councilmember, 7th District


Kenneth E. Lawrence

Vice Chair Board of Commissioners, Montgomery County

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