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Pastors & Executive Directors Bi-weekly Zoom

Join Pastors and Executive Directors from Christian Non Profits across Philadelphia, for a time of building peer relationships & prayer, and to stay 'in the know' about what's happening in the city and in your neighborhood. Zooms are 2x per month, and include:

  • Get To Know You activities

  • Group Prayer

  • City Updates

  • Break out Rooms to get to know the other leaders in your neighborhood or ministry type

  • A variety of testimonies, panel discussions, and speakers will be announced for certain dates.

  • Opportunities to collaborate will be announced, and you can submit opportunities for others to join in on as well.

All in all, this is the place where those who are the rocks of their community can find support, council, and safe haven to be 'real' instead of the icon on a pedestal that leaders are so often placed upon. You do not have to 'do ministry' alone! You do not have to BE alone!

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