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Zoom Meeting: PCC, The Antioch School, and YOUR Leadership Team!

What is your church growth plan?

How do you approach leadership development?

What if you had a partner to help you develop theologically sound, ministry minded leaders?

PCC is bringing The Antioch School of Leadership Development and Church Planting to Philadelphia. That Antioch School is an accredited college, with an approach to church growth and leadership development modeled on "the way of Christ and the Apostles". Antioch partners with local churches and church network leaders to provide solid theological education and comprehensive leadership development in the context of church and ministry.

Both established and evolving leaders, lay persons and ordained ministers, can earn a Certificate of Ministry, or a Bachelor's, Masters, or Doctoral Degree for pennies on the dollar, while putting knowledge into practice at their church or ministry at the same time.

Join us via ZOOM for an introduction to the opportunity that Antioch has developed internationally, and PCC is bringing to churches in Philadelphia.

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